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Wrote AndroidOS/Java application running on mobile phone acting as a server that responds to various UDP or TCP requests.

Client in C to query Net-SNMP enabled end-points to query physical interfaces to IP interfaces and get transmission performance data in a user readable table.

Member of a three-man team to create 3D/2D Chess game using OOD principles in Java.

Softball tracking apps (regular and Pro) using MySQL databases to maintain team and player games, seasons, and overall stats for AndroidOS mobile devices.

Demonstration app showcasing various accessibility features provided on AndroidOS v4.0+ and using proper 4.0+ window management.

Porting AndroidOS version of Cinequest app to Windows Phone 7

HTML, CSS, JavaScript (with plug-ins), PHP. This website!


Test mobile apps (AndroidOS, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry10) against Cisco-generated accessibility requirements based on ADA, Section 508.

Develop test plan to carry out testing with team.

Initial teaching plan for accessibility mobile testing.

Platforms Used

Windows 7

*nix variants: ArchLinux, Redhat (PS3), Ubuntu flavors

Eclipse with ADT and C plug-ins

GNU C library with makefiles


Visual Studio for Windows Mobile

Command-line tools to repackage AndroidOS apps to BlackBerry apps

Blackout Productions


Softball Stats

Softball Stats icon This is an easy hitting tracker for softball players. At-bats can be added per player, player's can be edited and removed and at-bats can be removed for each player. It keeps track of lifetime batting average, walks, homeruns, and RBIs. Each at-bat is stored by season, date, and result: Outs (flyout, popout, groundout, strikeout, fielder's choice, reach on error) On base (single, double, triple, homerun, walk, double walk) Calculated stats are: batting average, hits, total at-bats, walks, RBIs, homeruns, and strikeouts. There's space to store comments if you want to keep track of more indepth stats on the fly.
link to Google Play Market

Softball Stats Pro

Softball Stats Pro icon Softball Stats Pro is for the more seasoned stat tracker as it includes more detailed plate appearance options and keeps track of runs scored for multiple teams across multiple players and multiple seasons. Players stats are tracked for the lifetime, for a team, and for a season. Lineups can be set for each game throughout the season and up to 10 plate appearances per player can be tracked for each game.
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Accessibility Demo App

The many accessibility features designed into AndroidOS v4.0+ are highlighted with emphasis on proper coding habits. Examples are provided that demonstrate proper and improper accessibility designs.

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